Vicmax Industrial Co., Ltd.

Vicmax Industrial Co., Ltd. celebrates significant growth and global expansion in the specialty chemicals industry. The company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has led to enduring partnerships and a diverse product portfolio. With a focus on tailored solutions and collaborative relationships, Vicmax has emerged as a leading exporter of chloroacetic acid series products in China. They aim to further strengthen their global presence and explore innovative solutions for mutual prosperity.

Comprehensive Guide to Monochloroacetic Acid (MCAA)

Introduction Monochloroacetic acid (MCAA), also known as chloroacetic acid, is an essential industrial chemical with a wide range of applications. Its chemical formula is C2H3ClO2, and it is a colorless, crystalline solid with a pungent odor. MCAA is a versatile chemical used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and the production of various organic compounds. […]

Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival at Wuxi High Mountain

Gifts for Employees and PartnersTo celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu Festival, Wuxi High Mountain distributed traditional gifts to our employees, including: Zongzi: Traditional rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves, symbolizing prosperity and unity.Salted Duck Eggs: A festive delicacy enjoyed during this time.Gift Cards: To show our appreciation for our employees’ hard […]

Vicmax Hosts Employee Birthday Celebration

At Vicmax, we pride ourselves on nurturing a culture of care and camaraderie, where each member is valued and celebrated. In line with our commitment to prioritizing employee well-being and fostering a tight-knit community, we recently orchestrated a vibrant Employee Birthday Bash that not only underscored our care initiatives but also bolstered the sense of […]

Wuxi High Mountain Company Explores Cutting-Edge Innovations at CHINAPLAS Exhibition

Wuxi High Mountain Company is thrilled to announce its participation in the CHINAPLAS exhibition, taking place from April 23rd to 26th, 2024. As one of the most prominent events in the plastics and rubber industry, CHINAPLAS showcases innovative products and technologies pioneered by industry leaders and technological pioneers. Accompanied by Mr. Fan and Mr. Li, […]

📰 HMHT Embarks on the Shanghai International Dye Industry

Wuxi High Mountain Company proudly announces its fruitful participation at the Shanghai International Dye Industry, Organic Pigments, and Textile Chemicals Exhibition. Held in the vibrant city of Shanghai, this esteemed event served as a platform for industry leaders to converge, exchange insights, and explore the latest advancements in the realm of textile chemistry. Accompanied by […]