Zinc Ingot

Basic Information

Chemical Composition: Zn    

H.S. CODE NO.:79011110.00

Standard: GB/T470-2008

Purity: 99.995% min.

Technical Specifications

Standard: GB/T470-2008

TypeChemical Component (mass fraction)/%
Zn(≥)Impurity (≤)
PbCdFeCuSn      Al  Total

Packaging Types

         About 25Kg /Ingot, packed in bundle, net weight 1000Kg/ case,or as customer's requirements.



Zinc has excellent atmospheric corrosion resistance, so is mainly used in steel and the surface of the steel structure coating (such as galvanized sheet), widely used in automotive construction Marine light industry and other industries In recent years, western countries began to try to do with zinc alloy plate roof cover material directly, its use fixed number of year up to 120-140, and can be recycled, and make the service life of the roofing material with galvanized iron generally for 5 to 10 years.

2.Manufacturing of copper alloy materials (such as brass)

Used in automobile manufacturing and mechanical. Zinc has suitable mechanical performance.Therefore, zinc copper titanium alloy has been widely used in hardware production.

3.Used for casting zinc alloy

Mainly used for die casting for automobile light industry and other industries Many zinc alloy processing performance is good, including a working rate can reach 60%- 80% medium voltage superior performance, can be carried out deep drawing, and have self lubrication, prolong the life of the mold, can use brazing or resistance welding and arc welding (must) in helium gas

welding, surface plating coating processing, can be good machinability Under certain conditions.In addition,zinc has good resistance to electromagnetic field performance of zinc is a standard electrical

conductivity copper 29%, in the case of radio frequency interference, zinc plate is a very effective shielding material, at the same time because of the zinc is magnetic, suitable materials for instrument parts and

instrument shell and coin, in the meantime, zinc itself and collisions with other metals not happen spark, for mine explosion-proof equipment.

4.Used in the manufacture of zinc oxide, accounts for about 11%

Widely used in rubber, paint, enamel, medicine, printing, fiber industries.

5.Used in the manufacture of dry cell, in the form of zinc plate or zinc cake, accounts for about 13%

Zinc has appropriate chemical properties.It can react with NH4CI, release H + ions. Zinc - manganese dioxide battery is using this characteristics,to make battery shell.Because of this performance,it has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.