3-Chloropivaloyl Chloride


Basic Information

Other Names: 3-Chloro-2,2-dimethylpropionyl Chloride; Chloropivaloyl Chloride; CPC                      

Molecular Formula: C5H8Cl2O    

Molecular Weight: 155.02

CAS NO.: 4300-97-4

EINECS NO.: 224-311-8

UN NO.: 3390

H.S. CODE NO.: 29159000.90

Purity: 98.5% min.

Physicochemical Properties

1.Appearence: Colorless transparent or light yellow liquid with irritant ordor, dissolves in more solvents.

2.Flash Point: 145℃

3.Boiling Point: 85-86℃

4.Density: 1.199g/cm at 25℃

5.Solubility: Dissolves in ether.

6.Stability: Stable.

Technical Specifications              

Colorless transparent or light yellow liquid
98.5% min.
Dichloropivaloyl Chloride
0.5% max.0.38%
Pivalic Anhydride0.5% max.0.41%
Pivaloyl Chloride
0.5% max.0.32%

Packaging Types

                 250kg drum or as per customers' requirement


Mainly composed for synthesis of Command (clomazone), a type of weed killer, which is a predominant weed killer in soybean fields. Also used in the production of isoxazolone compounds.

Transport Information

1.IMDG: Class 8

2.Packaging group: III

3.Storage: Keep away from heat, sparks and flame. Keep away from sources of ignition. Store in a tightly closed

                container. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances, corrosives area. Store

                protected from moisture.