Phosphorus Oxychloride

Basic Information

Other Names: Fosforoxychlorid; Oxychlorid fosforecny; Phosphoroxidchlorid; Phosphortrichloridoxid

Molecular Formula: Cl3OP

Molecular Weight: 153.33

CAS NO.: 10025-87-3

EINECS NO.: 233-046-7

UN NO.: 1810

H.S. CODE NO.: 28121020.00

Purity: 99% min.

Physicochemical Properties

1.Appearence: Clear Colorless Liquid

2.Freezing Point: 105.8℃

3.Melting Point: 1.25 °C(lit.)

4.Boiling Point: 107 °C(lit.)

5.Density: 1.675g/cm at 25℃

6.Vapor Density: 5.3 (vs air)

7.Vapor Pressure: 104 mm Hg ( 50 °C)

8.Refractive Index: n20/D 1.461(lit.)

9.Sensitive: Moisture Sensitive

10.Water Solubility: Reacts Exothermically

11.Stability: Stable. Reacts violently with water. Incompatible with many metals, alcohols, amines, phenol, DMSO, strong


Packaging Types

                 250kg thick steel drum or as per customers' requirement


1.Used as chlorinating agent to replace the oxygen in organic matter. Used as oxidant, catalyst and the solvent to

  determine freezing point depression.

2.Used as a semiconductor doping agent and as the optical fiber raw material.

3.Widely used in pesticide, medicine, dyestuff, phosphate and the production of flame retardants, such as manufacturing of    organophosphorus pesticide and herbicide, chlordimeform of raw materials. Used in the production of    

  plastic plasticizer like phosphoric acid diphenyl-diisooctyl, triethyl phosphate and phosphate. Also used for SDM

  chlorination reaction of the drug, dye intermediates, organic synthesis of chlorinated agent and catalyst, uranium

  extraction agent, etc.

4.Also named as phosphorus oxychloride and used in the synthesis of another kind of phosphorus intermediates -    

  phosphorus oxychloride or phosphoryl chloride, such as synthesis of O, O diethyl phosphoryl chloride, and then to

  make ethyl ring of phosphorus, sulfur and synthetic pesticides or synthetic O-ethyl phosphoryl chloride, and synthetic    

  pesticides out the line of phosphorus, etc.

Transport Information

1.IMDG: Class 6.1

2.Packaging group: I

3.Storage: Keep away from heat, sparks and flame. Keep away from sources of ignition. Store in a tightly closed

                container. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances and corrosives

                area. Store protected from moisture.