Sodium Hydrosulfite(zinc dust method)


Basic Information

Other Names: SHS; Sodium dithionite; Sodium hypodisulfite                    

Molecular Formula: Na2S2O4    

Molecular Weight: 174.11

CAS NO.: 7775-14-6

EINECS NO.: 231-890-0

UN NO.: 1384

H.S. CODE NO.: 2831.1010

Standard: HG/T2520-93

Purity: 74% min., 85% min., 88% min. & 90% min.

Physicochemical Properties

1.Appearence: Free flowing white Crystalline Powder

2.Melting Point: 52℃ (Decomposes)

3.Water Solubility: 225 g/L at 20

4.Density: 1.4 – 1.6 g/cm3

5.Stability: Reacts with acids and Water. Reacts violently with Oxidizing agent. Avoid Small quantity of water, Sodium                            chlorite, Oxidizing agents, Acids.

Technical Specifications


Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3
Purity90% min.88% min.85% min.
Sodium Bisulphite NaHSO30.5% max0.5% max0.5% max
Sodium Carbonate Na2CO30.6% - 2%1% - 3%2% - 4%
Sodium Metabisulfite Na2S2O55% - 7%5% - 7%5% - 7%
Sodium Thiosulphate Na2S2O31% max.1.2% max.1.2% max.
Sodium Formate HCOONa0.3% max.0.5% max.0.5% max.
Water Insoluble0.3% max.0.5% max.0.5% max.
Iron Fe0.005% max.0.005% max.0.005% max.
Zinc Zn0.0001% max.0.0001% max.0.0001% max.

Packaging Types

           25kg steel drum; 50kg steel drums or as per customers' requirement


1. Widely used in textile industry for vat dyeing, reduction cleaning, printing and stripping, textile textile bleaching .
2. Also used as the most fittable bleaching agent in bleaching paper pulps, especially mechanical pulps.
3. Also used in bleaching kaolin clay, fur, bamboo products & straw
products and reductive whitening.

4. Also used in mineral, the compound of thiourea and other sulphides.
5. Also used as reducing agent in chemical industry.
6. Sodium hydrosulfite food grade is used as bleaching agent and preservative dried fruits, dried
vegetable, vermicelli,               glucose, sugar, rock sugar, caramel, candy, liquid glucose, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and canned mushrooms

Transport Information

1.IMDG: Class 4.2

2.Packaging group: II

3.Storage: Stored in cool place. Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place. Never allow product to                        get in contact with water during storage. Humid air and moisture sensitive material. Do not store near acids                            & oxidizing agents.