Monochloroacetic Acid


Basic Information

Other Names: Chloroacetic Acid; MCA; MCAA                        

Molecular Formula: CLCH2COOH

Molecular Weight: 94.5

CAS NO.: 79-11-8

EINECS NO.: 201-178-4

UN NO.: 1751

H.S. CODE NO.: 29154000

Standard: HG/T3271-2000

Purity: 97.5% min.; 98% min.; 99% min.

Physicochemical Properties

1.Appearence: White crystalline flake or White crystalline powder

2.Melting Point: 61-63℃

3.Boiling Point: 189℃

4.Density: 1.424g/cm(@25℃)

5.Solubility: Dissolved in Water, Alcohol, Ether, Chloroform, Carbon disulfide

Technical Specifications                

We can provide special grades of MCA as per customers' requirement:

ItemSuperior grade
First gradeQualification
Monochloroacetic Acid (MCA)
99% min.
98% min.97.5% min.
Dichloroacetic Acid (DCA)
0.5% max.
0.5% max.0.8% max.
Acetic Acid (AA)
0.5% max.0.5% max.0.5% max.
Crystallization Point

Packaging Types

           25kg bags; 50kg bags; 1000kg big bag or as per customers' requirement


1.Used as the main raw materail of producging carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC).

2.Used in the organic sythesis as an important raw material and intermediates to make acetic acid betaine (surfactant in            shampoo, hair conditioner, etc.), mercaptoacetic acid, malonic acid, cationic surfactant, softener, lime soap dispersing            agent, cold wave lotion, detergents, chloracetyl chloride, etc.

3.Used in the Agro pesticide industry to manufacture glyphosate, herbicide, 2,4-D, naphthylacetic acid, etc.

4.Used to make pharmaceutical intermediates of barbiturates, vitamin B6, vitamin A, caffeine, epinephrine, amino acid, etc.

5.Used in the dyestuffs industry like indigo dyes, cationic dyes, disperse dyes, vat dyes, naphthalene amino acetic acid.

Transport Information

1.IMDG: Class 6.1, Code:8

2.Packaging group: II

3.Storage: Storage temperature: 15 °C up to 25 °C. Keep container tightly closed in a cool, well-ventilated place. Only trained personnel may be allowed to enter storage area.